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Your #1 Problem

We all have major challenges to address. We can help you tackle them to deliver new solutions, new ways of doing, and new opportunities.

We helped Communities First Barry, as part of our Barry IdeasBank project to address the problem it faced: ‘What to do when the IT goes down?’

We designed a time-efficient and effective solution that engaged the Communities First Barry team and devised ground-breaking and practical new solutions and Action Plans, to turn a negative into potential positives.

What live challenges do you have requiring fresh thinking?



New Narratives for change

Faced with a familiar problem where you need new thinking and a new approach?

We helped Newydd Housing, one of Wales’ leading Housing Associations as part of our Barry IdeasBank project to address the problem it faced: ‘What are we going to do about Thompson Street?’

We engaged both the management team, and the local community, to create a new narrative for change. If you want to create real change, first you need to recognise your script you are working to. Then you need to change it. By empowering the group with our own Storytelling Action Kit we reframed the challenge to boost new creative thinking, and more importantly created a new narrative to provide a new script for the team and the community to go forward with.

Can we help you change the narrative of how your team will tackle its challenges and problems?


Values-led Change & Values-led Listening

Values drive your behaviours. If you want to change what you do, you need to understand and manage your Values.

As part of the Barry IdeaaBank project, the Forum worked with one of the country’s top headteachers – Janet Hayward OBE at Cadoxton School, Barry.

Janet is passionate about achieving excellence and wanted the School and its leadership team to listen better.

Using our expertise in Values management and the Minessence Tool, we created a new Listening Tool for Schools Р and for any organization.

By using the tool the school’s Leadership team can develop focused strategies, tailored for the different groups within the school community.

A powerful management tool and way ahead for engagement.