Our Story

The Flexible Thinking Forum works to help businesses, organizations and public service delivers to manage, build and nurture their Social Capital.

As a result it creates a better capacity to co-operate, collaborate and co-create, through building the connectivity, capability and confidence of the change makers in your communities.

We are pioneering new tools, processes and skills in the building and managing of Social Capital.

Every organization needs to establish a New Social Capital Agenda, to guide its response to managing its social capital.

We are witnessing greater divisions in our communities, a decline in trust, and decline in community and civic engagement. Organizations have both a responsibility to build Social Capital in their communities as well as harness the power of social capital to be more effective.

We delivered the Barry IdeasBank. A Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) project which reframed the concept of Idea Banks away from a collection of ideas to engines for building social capital.

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