We are a not-for-profit enterprise working to tackle the crisis in Social Capital in our communities and workplaces. Here are some of our campaigns to promote flexible, creative, and innovative thinking.



Visit to find out how you can change your world in 5 days.


Beat Blue Monday

Check out to overcome the ‘most depressing day of the year’.


Science Phobia

Why we all need to tackle ‘compound scientific illiteracy’ and why non-scientists need to act. Free ebook.


Stupid Aid

Stupidity is not low intelligence  – we all know clever people who do stupid things. It’s caused by inflexibility. And its nemesis is creative thinking.

Check out our book



How to get your next brilliant idea while on the London Underground. Check it out at



Think and Drive

A partnership project we delivered with the AA – the world’s leading motoring organization – to promote creative thinking while driving.


Warm Desk Company

Opportunity for an office furniture manufacturer to produce under licence a new range of products to make workplaces more innovative and creative.