We live in a more complex, less trusting and more divided world, with growing demands on limited resources.

Yet you need people to be more self-reliant, while at same time co-operating and collaborating better together to achieve more with less – the equivalent of the above formula.

You need new thinking and narratives, new strategies and tools to create extra resources, power and direction.
You need Grow Social Capital.

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Smarter use of Social Capital can…

Earn Trust
the foundation for all social and community activity.
new, more powerful Narratives for change.
new resource by connecting with untapped latent potential within your communities.
upon existing Assets & Capabilities.
the people - the ‘Personbytes’ - in your world to achieve more.
the capacity and capability of your changemakers.
confidence among potential changemakers.
Tacit Knowledge.
emergent, bottom-up, less top-down change.
you with Brands and organizations seeking to be more socially enabled.
new Social Norms.
your Social Purpose.

The Rise of ‘UnSociable Capital’

We live however, in a world of growing ‘UnSociable Capital’.

Our society is increasingly atomised and insular becoming a ‘Me’ rather than ‘We’ world. We are not against new developments in technology and economic and social change that make life easier, more comfortable, or more self-indulgent. We need to recognise they have an impact, cost and consequences for social relationships and wider communal good. And you need to do something now to manage and redress the balance and how it impacts on your world.

A Range of Solutions to Help Transform How You Manage Social Capital

Identify new narratives, beliefs and values – the first pillar for the change you need to support more agile thinking and doing.
Use new tools to tap into untapped resource and potential.
Harness new ways to create change.

Become a Social Capital Champion

1. Most are familiar with the term ‘Social Capital’ yet it amazes us how few CEO’s, leadership teams or policy makers actually understand what it is, and how they are failing to manage the social capital potential.

2. Our ‘Social Capital Champion’ session quickly equips you with a greater understanding on how you create – or diminish – Social Capital through your actions, relationships and responses, and how you can transform your potential for better co-existence, co-operation and collaboration.

3. We provide quick, easily-transferable ways to cascade these new insights throughout your organisation.

4. We have developed new strategies, narratives, processes and tools to help you be more effective

The ‘Manchester Model’

Developed following our work for Mind Manchester and their fellow partners in the MVAP project, this pioneering approach offers a powerful new way for delivering services in the age of on-going austerity. It consists of:
1. Identifying your common Values, beliefs, narratives and behaviours to create the glue to connect you with your new partners.
2. Creating ‘Partnerships of Equals’ to generate greater critical mass, power and new connections
3. Establishing your ‘Bigger Dashboard’ to create a bigger platform for more agile thinking
4. Building ‘Capability and Capacity’ within your communities to generate new resource to tackle what needs doing.
5. ‘Reciprocity’ at every stage. Everyone has to give to provide greater resource and reinforce your narrative of together stronger.

We can enable you to establish and implement your own ‘Manchester Model’.

A New Style of Community ‘Ideas Banks’

We have transformed the concept of ‘IdeasBanks’ through our pioneering work on the Barry Ideasbank, pilot project funded by the Royal Society for the encouragement of the arts, manufactures & commerce Catalyst project fund and other local partners.
Ideas Bank were previously a showcase of ideas, like a trophy cabinet. Now, Ideas Bank are an engine for building what we call ‘Social Collaborative Capital’ – the muscle for building Social Capital.
The future is blended: online forum supported by significant offline activity.
IdeasBanks are now tools to build the size and capability, connectivity and confidence of your communities’ change activists.
We can enable you to create your own programme of community ideasbanks..

Discover a New Type of PR & Comms

‘Social Capital PR’ is a new branch of public relations practice.

It’s about value within relationships, rooted in behaviour change of others. You create change not by providing information to change awareness, attitudes or opinions but through identifying and leveraging beliefs, values, narratives and levels of trust.

Social Capital PR recognises that engagement is different to communication: ‘Communication’ is the transfer of information to another party. ‘Engagement’ is the authentic collaboration, co-creation and co-production between two parties

It is about communities rather than interest groups, publics or stakeholders. You can belong to a community and seek to change its prevailing goals and values. If you disagree with the core goals of an interest group, you are apart from it.

We offer a range of courses to enable you to be a leader in ‘Social Capital PR’.

Which of These 4 Types Are You When it Comes to Social Capital


  1. Not aware
  2. No realization of impact
  3. No inclination to act

Dissatisfied Certain

  1. Know what you want to do, but don’t know how to do it
  2. Need a partner to enable you to be more Social Capital enabled

Dissatisfied Uncertain

  1. Instinctively feel you need to do something
  2. But don’t know what to do or where to start
  3. Need a partner to enable you to start your journey to be Social Capital enabled

Confident Performer

  1. Know what you want and how to do it but willing to learn new things and listen to new idea to be even better
  2. Welcome a partner to extend your Social Capital capabilities

About Us…

Grow Social Capital is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are a talented team with:

  • Original insights, skills, processes and talents and experience of transforming how we manage Social Capital
  • New thinking and doing in using Values and Narrative-led change, Community capacity-building and management, Social Capital PR & Communications
  • Real-world delivery of pilot projects
  • Seeking to make a profound contribution to society
  • Committed to sharing new tools and best practice

“We have a saying, ‘you can’t do a Mexican by yourself'. If you want to create waves of change you need to collaborate effectively with other people through Social Capital. And that together we are stronger.

Can we help you?

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Andy has an outstanding track record in transformative communications
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Dave has a proven track record of building success in the public and private sector
Dr. Gareth Loudon
Associate Director
A background in product innovation with major global brands
Martin Williams
Associate Director
Martin has an outstanding track record in innovation for blue chip organizations
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